The Game Plan - Plot your strategy + add your tactics

Use this framework to help you figure out the right direction quickly

The Master Plan - Summarise your strategy + commit to tactics

Use this framework to help you move in the right direction quickly

The Inverted SWOT

Use the Inverted SWOT to test the thinking and logic of your regular SWOT

PowerPoint STRUCTURE for Sales Presentations Template

Use this template to help you design a logical, clear and concise sales presentation from start to finish

The Eight-Step Executive Summary Formula Template

Use this template to help you quickly craft an executive summary that will appeal to key decision-makers

50 Fast Tips To Exponentially Improve How You Communicate

This short eBook is packed with straightforward tips you can immediately use to enhance your listening, speaking, and business writing skills. Download if you're a professional that wants to ask better questions, win over your audience or you'd like to adroitly navigate crucial conversations.

The Writing Checklist For B2B IT Professionals

To deliver a piece of writing you're proud of and one that showcases your expertise and professionalism, you need to do more than just a spell check. Download this Word document that lists all the things you can check to make sure your document is ready for consumption by a business audience.

Dare to Disturb your Creativity

Leap into left-field counter-intuitive thinking with these 10 writing exercises

Unlock Your Problem-solving Genius

The 6x5 question process to solve any problem and deliver any solution

Clearly Communicate Complexity

Apply the 7 systems of clear communication to influence and lead 

Embed Advanced Communication Skills

Quickly and effectively improve your teams' communication skills

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Want to communicate complexity easily? What about being a brilliant and relatable leader?

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