Learn To Wield "Brutal Simplicity of Thought"

Today, we'll look at the famous Saatchi handbook exhorting new employees to adopt "brutal simplicity of thought."

Applying Brutal Simplicity of Thought is hard to do. It takes discipline, time and patience to push our ideas to their purest essence.

Yet, I believe this is how we should approach communicating complexity in B2B IT. Why? Find out below.


"If you want your work to achieve the impossible, you will need Brutal Simplicity of Thought."

If you're in leadership, how can you motivate and inspire employees to achieve great things if you're not crystal clear about, The Dream? Leaders that communicate a grand vision and have their people embrace it and live it, use Brutal Simplicity of Thought. Think Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

If you're in sales: Yes, you sell complex solutions that solve complicated business problems. Your job is to craft messages that powerfully demonstrate how you help clients. This requires fewer words, not more.

If you're in a technical role, you don't layer on ideas painting broad brushstrokes to develop smart business solutions. Instead, you find one big idea and strip it to its core. Genius lies in wait here. This is opposite to dumbing down solutions which regurgitate status quo.

"You will need a deep distaste for waffle, vagueness, platitudes and flim flam -- a strong preference to get to the point."

If you want to employ Brutal Simplicity of Thought, you'll pay attention to the words you use and practise getting to the point. It should be a skill you keep developing every day because we communicate to time-poor audiences coping with a constant stream of information.

"Your mind will become a threshing machine, sorting the intellectual wheat from the chaff."

If you fully embrace Brutal Simplicity of Thought, you'll become a better thinker: more robust in your logic, more imaginative with your ideas. And your colleagues, clients, employees and employer will seek you out because what you say and write will be clear and compelling.


I have a hardback copy of the book, Brutal Simplicity of Thought, and it's usually close by when I work to remind me to cut the waffle and be concise and precise. It takes practise because I'm a naturally effusive writer.

I have to sweat at simplicity every day. But it's worth it.

Will you join me?

To inspire you, download Saatchi's handbook for free, here. It's a short read and includes many examples of inventions borne out of simplicity.

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