Leadership Communications

With communications the cornerstone of brilliant leadership, personal coaching will help stretch your leadership style and communication approach.  


This is developmental coaching focussed on helping you listen with a sharper focus while tapping into powerful questioning techniques that get to the essence of what's really important to your audience. Development of highly attuned listening and questioning skills are key to great leadership and brilliant communications.


Coaching is combined with communications training in areas leaders are expected to show a high level of sophistication and finesse, such as:





Clear Business Writing

Audience Presentations

Guidance on:


  • Articulating your unique vision and mission

  • Delivering board and management presentations

  • Presenting at company Town Halls

  • Presenting at industry events & conferences

Hone your

ability to: 


  • Persuade people to buy into business transformation internally or at clients

  • Prepare for crucial or difficult conversations with clients, management or partners

  • Design the right messaging approach for complex deals

  • Build closer and more collaborative partner relationships

Learn how to:


  • Design and craft stories that matter to your audience so they believe in your purpose, mission, strategic direction, bold idea, sales proposition or product and service offering

Helping you to:


  • Improve your critical thinking

  • Express complexity simply

  • Deliver meaningful context to your reader


you to:


  • Create memorable speeches and presentations

  • Instantly capture your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more

  • Present with confidence and power 

If you have a desire to operate at your highest potential, my Personal Coaching service is for you. Offered as a one-hour, 6-session program, coaching is conducted over Zoom, and the program is valued at $3,300.

I also offer corporate coaching and training for senior management and team leaders delivered live or through virtual workshops. For more information go here.

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