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Learning LAB


Learning LAB is a training service that offers formal courses which have been especially created for B2B tech sales and pursuit solution teams.

Whether you're a Business Development Specialist (BDR), complex or strategic seller, pre-sales executive, solution lead, account manager, sales manager or tech entrepreneur, Learning LAB courses will elevate your communication skills so you're viewed by B2B tech buyers as:

  • a precise and concise communicator

  • credible and caring    

  • a valued and trusted advisor


There are three training programs you can choose to do individually or together. They are:

  1. Plain English Writing And Presenting

  2. B2B Persuasion For Tech Sellers

  3. Business Storytelling


Training can be conducted virtually over three months, as three-day intensives or one-day boot camps delivered on your premises, or custom-designed to your needs.



Message Co-Creation 


Do you have a sales opportunity right now that you'd love to win? And you want to make sure that your messages don't let you down? Let a professional B2B tech communicator and writer facilitate and guide your strategic sales messages, via:

  1. Message Strategy - we brainstorm ideas, test critical thinking and then sketch a Message Map​

  2. Message Creation - we hone the Message Map, create a logical storyline and flesh out a coherent story

  3. Message Refinement - We finesse messages for clarity and relevance, making sure every word we craft is client-centred

On-Demand Coaching


If you have a prospecting email, sales proposal or solution presentation you've put together, and you want to hone it further, on-demand coaching offers:

  • A sounding board to clarify your big idea, winning themes and message approach

  • Objective feedback on how you've structured the message and shaped your words

  • Coaching on delivery skills for important meetings like the executive presentation in a pursuit process

Communicate Brilliantly, Anywhere, Anytime

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Sales & Solution Leadership  

Guidance on:


Articulating your organisation's vision and mission

Preparing you for a crucial  conversation with clients, staff, management or partners

Designing strategic presentations

Presenting to senior decision-makers at the buyer

Presenting at industry events & conferences

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Persuasion & Influence

Hone ability to: 


Persuade prospective and current clients to buy into business transformation 

Design the right messaging approach for complex deals

Refresh or grow an account

Build closer and more collaborative partner relationships

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B2B Tech


Learn how to:


Design and create stories that matter to your audience so they believe in your purpose, mission, strategic direction, bold idea, sales proposition or product and service offering

Weave a story into any business interaction to emotionally engage with and win over your audience

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Clear Business Writing

Helping you to:


Improve your critical thinking

Express complexity simply

Overcome the blank page syndrome and write effortlessly

Easily structure a logical and compelling argument

Deliver meaningful context to your reader


Craft a narrative that engenders trust and respect  

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Supporting you to:


Create memorable speeches and presentations

Instantly capture your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more

Present with confidence and power 

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