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Helping You Deliver Better Business Results, Now.

Learning LAB is for you if right now, you need to:

  • Build stronger connections with prospective clients to position your company as a possible new vendor/partner

  • Strategise the right communication approach for pursuits, or to up-sell and cross-sell into current accounts

  • Change bland, "me to" sales communications into powerful value messages that help you win more sales or bids

  • Overhaul or refresh sales proposal templates so you can complete more proposals faster, and where your company is always positioned as relevant, sophisticated, smart, and a leader 

  • Come up with new ideas to support innovative go-to-market strategies and supporting messages

  • Find a way to develop meaningful relationships with senior decision makers at prospective or current clients

  • Use storytelling to help you empathetically engage with your audience

  • Exude executive presence when presenting to an audience that sees you as a thought leader

  • Clearly communicate complex content without dumbing down your message


How Does Learning LAB Work?


Project-based Communications Ideation, Creation and Coaching 


Learning LAB is a communications laboratory where we experiment with ideas and collaborate to design clear and compelling messages. A review process and one-to-one coaching will help you refine messages for maximum impact.


Learning LAB delivers project-based communications support and coaching so your investment is reasonable and you can protect your budget. It's the type of service you can tap into as and when it's imperative that you communicate in the most powerful way possible.


Learning LAB is made up of three services, and you can choose one, a combination of two or all three:

  1. Message Strategy Workshop

  2. Message Structure Workshop

  3. Learning LAB

The ability to choose one or two services means you can benefit from help at any stage of your communications project. However, to get the most value from Learning LAB, it's recommended you invest in all three services.

Communicate Brilliantly, Anywhere, Anytime



Guidance on:


Articulating your unique vision and mission

Preparing you for a crucial or difficult conversation with clients, staff, management or partners

Delivering board and management presentations

Presenting at company Town Halls

Presenting at industry events & conferences

Persuasion & Influence

Hone ability to: 


Persuade people to buy into business transformation internally or at clients

Design the right messaging approach for complex deals

Refresh or grow an account

Build closer and more collaborative partner relationships

B2B Tech


Learn how to:


Design and create stories that matter to your audience so they believe in your purpose, mission, strategic direction, bold idea, sales proposition or product and service offering

Weave a story into any business interaction to emotionally engage with and win over your audience

Clear Business Writing

Helping you to:


Improve your critical thinking

Express complexity simply

Overcome the blank page syndrome and write effortlessly

Easily structure a logical and compelling argument

Deliver meaningful context to your reader


Craft a narrative that engenders trust and respect  



Supporting you to:


Create memorable speeches and presentations

Instantly capture your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more

Present with confidence and power 

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