Great Leaders in Tech Communicate Brilliantly

As a leader in B2B IT, how do you rally people to your mission in times of extreme uncertainty and constant upheaval?


How do you quickly engender trust and respect from all parties, be they staff, customers, partners, investors and the marketplace?


You do it through the power of communications. 

How can I help you communicate brilliantly?




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Coaching and Training


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Need to rapidly improve your communication skills to deliver an important message in a week or 48 hours? Go from unprepared and nervous to confident and composed.

Need to think up and work up brilliant ideas right now? Whether you want to improve a relationship with a client, develop a winning sales proposition or deliver a compelling presentation, let an external facilitator guide your approach.

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Invest in your development as a brilliant communicator whether you're a CEO, CIO, COO, HR director, sales or marketing director, chief technologist or executive wanting to move into a management position. One-to-one, personal coaching will fast-track communication skills that matter in today's unsettling world.

A three, six or 12-month corporate program that delivers advanced communications skills for management dealing with unprecedented disruption and unrelenting change. 

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Team Communications

A three, six or 12-month corporate coaching and training program that positions sales teams as respected and valued industry or product leaders that clients seek out.

A three, six or 12-month corporate training program for team leaders to deliver collaborative, cohesive and highly functioning teams that go beyond what is required to support the organisation. 

A leadership


Relatable.IT coaching is supported by a leadership framework because today it’s not enough to approach leadership communication one way. Our volatile, complex and uncertain world requires us to be flexible.


This means being able to stretch your leadership style and communication approach across four personas:

Strategist: The Planner & Director

Is clear and confident where there is confusion, fear and doubt

Analyst: The Questioner & Problem-solver

Asks deep questions and gets to the heart of the matter 

Innovator: The Pioneer & Dream Maker

Effectively communicates their creativity and ingenuity

Coach: The Teacher & Guide

Knows how to share their wisdom and experience


For more about the coaching approach and leadership framework, go here.


for you

Would you like to revolutionise your critical thinking, more easily access your creativity and communicate with impact? Download worksheets and guides to find out how.

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere.”

Lee Iacocca


About Relatable.IT and Your Coach

Edith Crnkovich

Like you, I live and breathe IT. For 20 years, I’ve been serving people to help them clearly communicate the business value of technology innovations. Today, I coach B2B IT executives to be great leaders and relatable human beings.