May 14, 2018

In B2B IT, Logic is King and governs a kingdom of facts, figures, reasoning and common sense. Its sorcerers are subject matter experts and technical mavens that worship at the altar of data and analysis. To bolster its authority, Logic employs evidence such as statistics, research, and expert testimony. 

However, Logic is fallible and prone to attack if your argument is per...

April 18, 2018

Ethics or morals in business are a major topic, and running a business with integrity when so many companies don’t, can give your organisation a competitive advantage.

That’s because many of your prospective customers both government and private entities employ sustainable and ethical business practices. They don’t want to do business with you if you’re not like-minded. 


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Edith Crnkovich
Sassy Storyteller & Grammar Rebel

My mission is to help you communicate like a living, breathing human being and not a corporate clone. I want you to fall in love with grammar while knowing that telling an interesting story is more important than crafting the perfect sentence.

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