April 18, 2018

We all know that winning new business is getting harder. Some of this has to do with more competition, and some of it has to do with business buyers being more knowledgeable than us about our offerings.

This means buyers are more interested in our proven capability to implement and support required software and services – which is why testimonials are so important. Unfortun...

March 21, 2018

You have customers that admire and respect you. They are your biggest fans. But the world doesn’t know it. That’s because you don’t tell a real, flesh and blood story. You slap something together that’s generic, filled with corporate platitudes.

Your prospective buyers are clued-in professionals who can sniff out phony customer success stories just by scanning headings, sub...

March 21, 2018

What secrets do I spill? What ugly deeds do I reveal? Just a few, and somehow I bring the story back to you. Dive in. 

CONFESSION 1: I think Grammar is Boring

I’m clueless about grammar terms like adjective clause, antecedent, dangling modifier or interrogative pronoun which sounds nasty. When I read what they mean it goes over my head and “Frankly my dear; I don’t give a da...

March 7, 2018

PowerPoint isn’t going away as the preferred presentation tool for business people. However, it’s still the bane of corporate life, known for turning product demonstrations, sales pitches and staff announcements into a heap of boring slop.

By the way, ‘bane’ is an ancient word for murderer, which is an apt phrase for PowerPoint considering how many presentations it maims,...

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Edith Crnkovich
Sassy Storyteller & Grammar Rebel

My mission is to help you communicate like a living, breathing human being and not a corporate clone. I want you to fall in love with grammar while knowing that telling an interesting story is more important than crafting the perfect sentence.

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