May 14, 2018

The corporate world is a ‘jungle in here,’ and you can get entangled in thorny problems and spiky, sharp people, which can make for a miserable time. Or you can put on your rainproof gear and enjoy what the jungle has to offer with its teeming world of diversity, creativity and possibilities. 

Successfully traversing the corporate jungle depends on your ability to influence...

May 14, 2018

Forgive my use of the exclamation mark in the headline. But our cavalier approach to email communications has got to stop. Before you hit send, think about this, we all receive on average 140 emails every day. That’s a lot. But it’s also nothing. I know people that receive 300 emails upward in a day and their inbox is perpetually at over 1000 emails.

Almost every email that...

April 4, 2018

A radical shift in the world of work is coming. In the near future, your ability to obtain and retain a role at a top company or attract investors to your entrepreneurial enterprise(s) will require a different approach. And that approach is this: the ability to take charge of your personal brand.

Before you brush off my advice, creating a personal brand is not about vainly...

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Edith Crnkovich
Sassy Storyteller & Grammar Rebel

My mission is to help you communicate like a living, breathing human being and not a corporate clone. I want you to fall in love with grammar while knowing that telling an interesting story is more important than crafting the perfect sentence.

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