Leadership Communications

With communications the cornerstone of brilliant leadership, coaching will help stretch your leadership style and communication approach.  


This is just-in-time leadership coaching to help you communicate more effectively to the demands of what is happening at the moment so you can communicate in the best way possible today. 

The Approach

Whether you need to more skillfully persuade, educate or inspire others, Relatable.IT coaching and training is about developing your ability to:


  1. Tap into another's perspective by approaching them with unconditional regard. (I see you)

  2. Establish immediate rapport and trust by accessing acute listening skills. (I hear you)

  3. Unearth the real problem or solution by applying powerful questioning skills. (I discover you)

  4. Activate change in others by validating their point of view and ideas. (I affirm you) 


This approach forms the foundational work to develop great leaders as brilliant communicators and relatable humans. 


How Great Leaders Communicate

The Framework

The Communications Approach is supported by a framework that stretches your leadership style across four personas: Strategist, Analyst, Innovator and Coach.


While one or two personas will be a natural fit, it’s important you flex across all four to meet the multi-disciplinary demands of business today.

Strategist: Planner & Director

You're known for your divergent thinking and ability to stay three steps ahead while managing resources. You communicate with clarity in a complex and unpredictable landscape.


Analyst: Questioner & Problem-solver

Your critical thinking skills help you solve insurmountable problems. At the heart of problem-solving is effective communications. You ask deep questions and get to the heart of the matter.

Innovator: Pioneer & Dream Maker

Technology innovation is racing toward the furthest reaches of what is possible. Who will lead and who will follow? You effectively communicate your creativity and ingenuity. 

Coach: Teacher & Guide

Guiding talented teams today lets you meet ambitious short-term goals. Shaping the leaders of tomorrow helps you realise long-term growth. You easily share your wisdom and experience.

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