About Relatable.IT

Relatable.IT is a coaching and consulting firm that helps sales and pursuit teams in tech succeed more by improving how they communicate. Relatable.IT is run by me (Edith Crnkovich), and I've spent 20 years collaborating with senior management, sales leaders and technical subject matter experts to shape messages that matter.

Magnificent Obsession

Here’s what sets my world alight: Helping people in the IT industry communicate like human beings instead of corporate clones. It’s why my coaching and consulting business is called Relatable.IT, because no matter how complex the technology or business landscape, we must communicate in such a way that people immediately understand and relate to our ideas or insights.

About Edith Crnkovich


Over the years I've collaborated on sales and marketing strategy and advised leaders on how to better communicate with clients, management, boards, staff and the analyst community.


I've had the privilege to work with super-smart and fascinating people that have trusted me to excavate their brilliant thoughts and polish them into clear business language. The most rewarding part has been creating and delivering communications coaching and training programs for hundreds of employees.


Today, as an independent coach and facilitator, I help IT executives transform how they communicate so they are more deeply trusted and respected by peers, staff, management, clients and partners.


My experience is supported by ongoing professional development and training in the field of coaching and communications such as Coaching Mastery by Neuro Semantics, Fundamentals of Great Coaching by World Business and Executive Forum, and others.


My Values

CREATIVITY – I believe that Imagination rules the world, which is why I help you find your true voice and your truest words so your innovative ideas are heard, accepted and acted on.


AUTONOMY – To be completely responsible for one's life is the birthright of independent thinkers. I help you take charge of how you express your power in our shape-shifting world of tech. 


CURIOSITY – Curiosity is the seat of learning. I’m curious about the things you find important and interesting. I help you find the language of curiosity so you discover worlds hidden from others.


AUDACITY – To be brave is something I aspire to even when I’m afraid. How can I help you courageously communicate bold ideas in the volatile and uncertain world of business today?


PERSISTENCE – It’s not how smart we are; it’s how determined we are to succeed. Let me help you communicate steadfastness no matter how tough the terrain.

Stand and Deliver

Communications ideation, creation and coaching focusses on getting you a desired result whether it's to win new business, help you educate and influence buyers, build closer relationships with clients and partners, or improve sales and pursuit teamwork. 

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