Why this blog?


We sell and deliver complex Information Technology (IT) solutions that solve complicated problems. But did you know that our audience wants us to explain things in a way that is easy to understand? relatable.IT is packed with tips on how to express complexity simply yet profoundly.


Often the way we write and present B2B technology is boring and dull. A lot of proposals and tenders are ugly lumps of lifeless clay instead of beautiful sculptures that tell a seductive sales story. With competition increasing and target markets decreasing, you had better stand out and tell a tantalising story about why and how you're different! relatable.IT helps you be a better persuader on paper and in front of an audience.


It bothers me that this fantastic industry I work in is awash with weasly, overly complex and obtuse communications. The way we write our sales and marketing material, talk to each other in the office, communicate to the media, shareholders, and customers can be cliched, bland, and uninspiring. We can do better. We're not steel girders or slabs of concrete, we're flesh and blood! So let's relate to one another in a real way! The relatable.IT blog will help you find your unique voice and provide you with tips on how to relate to customers, staff and partners like a human being and not a bot.


Can this blog help you?  


Yes, if you work in B2B IT as a sales executive, marketer, consultant, technical expert or solution specialist as part of a new business team. Relatable.IT will help you if you're an account manager or solution architect supporting a customer. And if you're an IT leader like a CTO, CIO, GM and CEO, the things I share in relatable.IT will help you write and express your ideas with more precision and power.


It's for you if you find writing a struggle or you want to crisply and eloquently communicate in front of people. Here's a little-known secret: being a superb writer and communicator is possible for everyone, not just for the naturally gifted or creative. It's a learned skill. And my purpose is to help you with that.


On the other hand, you might be pretty damn good at this writing and speaking stuff (thank you very much) -- well, if you're like me -- interested in continually honing your communications skills, there's a lot I'll share you'll find helpful.


About me - sassy storyteller, grammar rebel


I've been writing for about a hundred years and I've worked for tech companies that sell complex software to corporations that want to conquer the world. 


What else? I've edited thousands of pages of wordy and dense content. It's not glamorous -- sometimes it's bloody torturous like having my eyes poked out with a fork -- yet it serves to hone my business writing skills. 


What I really love is telling stories. Today everyone raves about the importance of storytelling in business. (Don't you hate fads? I'm with you). Well, I've been a storyteller in B2B IT since my brother, Daniel, a lovely sales guy, invested in a start-up IT company in 1999, selling retail software.


Now you might be wondering why I call myself a sassy storyteller. I'm nice, but I've got a bit of an attitude. I work in a male dominated industry and you've got to be a bit ballsy when you're asked to be an alchemist that transforms base material into nuggets of gold.


Curiosity and an open mind helps with this:


              The Writer Inside of Me Seeks the Story Inside of You


As a storyteller, I'm a grammar rebel which is funny because I correct people's grammar for a living. While I think grammar is important, I don't think it's the holy grail. Yes, I can and I will split infinitives. I will use em dashes instead of colons. I will use brackets. I'm a user of the Oxford comma, and I will like and respect you even if you disapprove of me using it in this sentence. :-) 


Topics I blog about:


  • the psychology of persuasion

  • sales proposal writing

  • creating a winning executive summary

  • presenting in front of others

  • storytelling in B2B IT

  • better business grammar

  • writing in plain English

  • leadership communications

  • communicating to inspire

  • communicating to educate

  • brain science and neuro marketing

  • impact of technology on communications


We work in a fascinating industry. It's radically changing businesses, governments and citizens. Empires are rising and falling because of it. It's scary and awe-inspiring. Let's respect the craft of writing and communicating about technology by learning to be better at it. This is where the relatable.IT blog is your resource to help you be a brilliant technology communicator!


While it's hard to explain complex thinking and technical concepts using simple, every day language without dumbing down your message -- it is possible!  


To find out how, subscribe to the relatable.IT blog below. 



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The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is it give it away.

- Pablo Picasso

MY VALUES: Empathy, Curiosity, Enthusiasm, Audacity, Persistence


Those who tell the stories rule society

- Plato

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